Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday....

I am going to try and commit my Thursday posts to thanking people that have influenced my life in a positive way during the week. Daily, I try and thank God for the many blessings that He bestows upon me, but sometimes I don't thank the people that mean so much.

One of my GREATEST strengths but also weaknesses is that I LOVE to DIVE into things and consume myself. My friend, Susie, says it's a part of ADD where you get super focused. When I get stressed, I dive even deeper. This whole thing with Brock-ster heading to college has set me in a tail-spin. In looking back at my life, I tend to tail-spin when there's HUGE changes going on. This year has been filled with so many changes!

The people I want to recognize in this week's post are my husband, Donnie; Chantelle, my bestest bud; and Teresa Scarpaci. Donnie, thank you for always supporting me during my "super focused" times. I know you have a hard time getting me, but I thank you for trying. Also, thanks for always giving me your creative ideas eventhough I sometimes don't agree with them.

Chantelle keeps me balanced. Chantelle is REAL with me when I need someone to be REAL. Chantelle, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for supporting my photography gig. Your approval means more than you will ever know. WHY?!!!! Well, I can remember sharing pictures I had taken of my family at Christmas shortly after we met. Then, you shared with me your Africa pictures.....I was in AWE of what you captured. SO....I totally value you and your opinion!

Teresa Scarpaci is the friend of mine that I posted the cats for this week. Teresa works at our office and is a breath-of-fresh-air. Teresa was a stay-at-home Mama until she came to work with us. Donnie and I were needing a bookkeeper and I suggested we ask if Teresa wanted to work since her kiddos were getting older. BEST IDEA I POSSIBLY EVER HAD! Teresa, you have become extended family. Your love for me is so appreciated, but your love for Malaena-Sloan melts my heart. Everyday, Teresa brings "special" snacks in the event I take my daughter to the office.

I have so much to share about what I am learning in the photography world. OH, I need to thank Norm and Debbie Swafford for taking me under the wings and teaching me the ropes.

Below is a new technique I'm learning for editing. I LOVE THIS IMAGE OF MY NEPHEW PARTICULARLY BECAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE A TWIN OF MY BROTHER. My brother really adored his big sister when he was this age!!!!

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Chantelle Becking said...

Whoop Whoop! Who does not love a blog shout out? I love you adn love that you are doing something you love! Makes life so so much sweeter.
I cannot imagine my life without you and your sidekicks.
Big Big love