Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Family Post....

We picked Brock up yesterday and brought him home. His first visit home from college. I could cry tonight thinking about him leaving again tomorrow. I can definitely share that he has adjusted much better than me as he's not even spending tonight at home. I'll be honest, I am not letting myself be selfish because I could really try and talk him into moving home and going to SEMO. It's only been three weeks and it seems he has matured a lot. He's getting more opinionated and I'd say he think he has the world figured out more than he did.

I haven't written much about this and truly I haven't let myself think about Brock leaving home. It's weird as I knew he would go away to college, but I really didn't think about what I would be doing then. I don't know how I could have prepared myself as his senior year, he pretty much come home and left as he pleased. I thought letting him make more of his choices would prepare me for when he left. Hmmm....not so much.

I reason with myself knowing that change is hard on most people. I believe that when God closes a door, He opens a window. I'm just waiting to see what window opens. I truly couldn't be any busier. I just thank God for Malaena-Sloan.

Here's a few pictures of the family the last couple of days....
This picture was from Friday evening! Malaena-Sloan was unhappy as she wasn't getting her way! I love this look!!!!
Malaena-Sloan did a whole lot of this while we waited for Brock's game to be over! HOP...HOP...HOP!
Malaena-Sloan got next to Daddy when people were walking by!
Malaena-Sloan was tired of waiting for Brock!
This is when I first spotted Brock in the crowd. He had played in the Marching Mizzou at the first footbal game. We picked him up in St. Louis.
Dad stopped by before church to see Brock a minute!

I swear Brock looks more just 3 weeks!
my two babies!

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Laurie said...

Cheri what wonderful pictures and now I have put 2 and 2 together! I have seen your name before and your daughter's name is familiar too. I'm a Guate mama too!