Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bangs or NOT....

When I dreamed of a having a little girl, I always thought I would never cut her bangs. Reason behind this was as a child, my mama NEVER FAILED to cut my bangs the day before I had school pictures taken. This may not seem like an issue to many but to someone that had very curly hair, it meant having jacked up hair every school picture up until like 7th grade. (Those of you that remember my school pictures are probably chuckling at the thought.)

So....Malaena-Sloan's hair growth has been interesting. When we went to meet our child in December of 2007, there were probably 50 babies staying in the Marriott. Malaena-Sloan was the only baby with very little hair. Looking back on her hair from a year ago, it has really thickened up, but it took on a mullet shape. I have had the back of her hair trimmed either by myself or Nikki since before she was a year old. Last year at this time, I cut her bangs one morning before church. That day, I vowed, I wouldn't cut bangs again as I had very little hair to work with and I cut them too short.

Two-months-ago, Nikki shaped Malaena-Sloan's mullet by trimming up the back and this time the sides were almost long enough to shape it what my mama would call the "mushroom" cut. SO....bangs were trimmed. Now....what I'm about to share makes me laugh. When I was a little girl, my mom would let my brother's barber cut my hair. It was simply because Billy threw such a fit that it made more sense if I went first, so he wouldn't be freaked out. Believe it or not, the barber did a GREAT job on my curly mop. Maybe he was more gun-shy., Donnie was going in for his hair cut at the barber, and I said, "Do you think he'd trim Malaena-Sloan's hair?" Keep in mind, Malaena-Sloan will have her birthday photo shoot on Saturday!!!!!!

Here's the result.....

I took this on my phone but the quality is good enough you can see the bangs are a tad on the short side. I totally want her bangs to grow but I can't stand for them to be in her eyes. I think she looks precious regardless of bangs, no bangs, bow, no bow. What is simplest at this stage in the hair growth is a thin row of bangs and a bow to keep what is growing out of the eyes.

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