Sunday, July 12, 2009

updating my blog "image"....

I think I've had the same blog header and same blog look for nearly a year and a half...maybe longer. Anywho? It's in the works to have a new BLOG UNVEILING! Jaimee and Censibly Chic is hard at work. She said we wouldn't stop tweaking things 'til I got exactly what I wanted. This blog is going to be a bit different than what it's been thus far. I started this blog to document our adoption of Malaena-Sloan. I've LOVED blogging, and last night took the time to scan all the way back to my first post. It was neat reading about the day we accepted the referral of our daughter....I got a weepy!

Where we are in life now is very different. Our adoption is complete, and most of the time, I forget "the wait" of getting her home from Guatemala. Being that I actually gave birth to Brock, I can tell you that I forget that I didn't give birth to Malaena-Sloan. I get reminded of this on occasion by people's random/ignorant comments or questions. Friday night I suggested we eat at Pizza Inn. I am a lover of Pizza Hut, but I hadn't been to Pizza Inn in 10 years probably and they used to have the best dessert pizza.

Needless to report, the food was so bad I couldn't even eat it, and the questions from this young couple sitting behind us was even more bizarre. The young man's conversation began with we're expecting one of those (meaning babies.) I politely grinned and said, "That's nice." I am usually ready to engage in conversation with most anyone, but even I was trying to avoid chatting! He proceeded with, "Where'd you get that?" He was referring to our daughter. I said, " Are you asking where our daughter was born? She was born in Guatemala." "Where'd you get that?".....I was appauled!!!! I'm not going to give details of the whole conversation but will give you some highlights. The boy would be 19 in August (Brock's age.) I took age into account, but honestly, comparing him to Brock....WOW! The question was asked three times how much it cost to "buy" that (meaning how much was our adoption.) The question was asked if she spoke English, and at this point, I was over being nice, and said, "NO, she's just like me, her mama, and speaks Southern English." He asked how long it took to drive to Guatemala. He asked if Malaena-Sloan called me her mom. I could go on with other dumb, stupid details but will stop there cause I think you can get the point.

Donnie and I got in the car, and I was not only sick from the food but sick from the disgusting conversation. I was teary-eyed and said to Donnie, "How are we going to explain those kind of conversations to Malaena-Sloan?" Donnie grinned and answered, "She'll be smarter than those people shortly. She'll know when people are uneducated and narrow-minded." He's totally right, but I guess what got-my-goat more than anything is that boy spoke as if she weren't even in the room. I truly believe God puts us in situations all the time to teach us and to give us the opportunity to witness to people. In my question/answer session, I did explain to this very young expectant couple that we followed God's calling to adopt, and that we are all children of God's. I explained to them that God knew Donnie and I were Malaena-Sloan's parents, and she had a birthmom that loved her enough to give her a better life. WOW! As parents, we just want to protect our children! I guess I'll always have conversations with my daughter at home to assure her how much she's loved and wanted. She was hand-picked by God to be our daughter....MAN! I am so thankful He's in charge!!!


Chantelle Becking said...

Wow, you handled that MUCh better than I would! Wow, people can just be so so odd.
I cannot wait for your new blog unveiling!!! Wahoo!
Will it be images that are SOOC? ha ha Now I will through around the camera lingo like you!
Love u

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

Yes, there are very ignorant people out there! All three of my boys are adopted and all three know they are adopted and why they are adopted. My 17 yo son just asked me the other day if it was okay for him to write a letter to his BM and maybe meet her. Lucky for us we know her, but haven't seen her since we signed paperwork together when he was 3 months old.
He knows who his 'real mom' and 'dad' are and knows what part his BM plays in his life.

My 7 yo also understands fully why he was adopted and is not living in Guatemala and why he now has a younger brother from there.

My point, keep talking to Malaena. We have talked about adoption from bringing them home on.

She is an adorable little girl. I have come to ignore many people or come back with smart comments of my own. One conversation I had was, "Is your son's dad Hispanic?" I said, "I don't know." She looked at me so funny and flabergasted. I then walked away and said, "He is adopted." and kept walking. Many times people don't think before they speak and they don't know when to shut up...with that, I'll shut up!