Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Little Update....

This is the baby boy, Logan, that is 14 1/2. WOW! We'll have another driver in the family in January! He was kind enough to let me practice shooting the other night. This is one of his headshots!
Daddy and his girl taking a summer dip in the pool! Sometimes Malaena-Sloan doesn't want to go swimming then we have to hog-tie and wrestle her ot get her back inside!!!
Baby girl is showing Grammy her "dancing face"! The girl can seriously bust-some-moves!!!! She cracks us up!
Brock on the campus of the University of Missouri-Columbia. He had a GREAT time visiting campus for orientation and drumline camp. He'll always be my baby!

Well, it seems we are super busy and the time is moving ever so quickly! I truly believed when we started the adoption process, raising Malaena-Sloan was going to go by slower than with Brock. WOW! Was I ever so wrong. It seems Monday through Friday is one big blur and the weekends are in-and-out of the pool, barbequing, cleaning up the barbeque mess and back to Monday!

Malae turned 21-months Friday. That's so hard to wrap my head around. Harder still is I took Brock to Mizzou last week for orientation. We drove separately and he drove himself home Sunday. Major deal as he's only driven an hour once or twice. It's 3-3 1/2 drive! I prayed he wouldn't get lost and he did just GREAT and had a awesome experience on campus. From a MOM's perspective, I think he enjoyed himself too much! I hope he remembers his good raising!!!

I am loving my new job at Bella Bambino Photography. I am working more than originally planned but loving it. I am still primarily the manager of Sheri's business, but am a P-I-T...Photograher-in-Training. We did a GREAT shoot Monday evening. Check out the blog.....Bella Bambino Photography HERE!


Terri said...

I just checked out Bella Bambino and I have to say those are possibly the best pictures I have ever seen! WOW! I wish I lived closer to where your at so I could get some pictures done!!!

Vanessa said...

I can hardly believe baby girl will soon be two!! She' certainly not that tiny little baby I seen you holding in Guatemala!!

Pineapple Princess said...

I love your photography! It's so inspiring. I love the b&w of Logan!

Awesome photoshoot at Bella Bambino. Ahh, to be young and beautiful!!