Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pretend Time.....

Malae was playing with Daddy and she was the baby. He would tell her to be a crying baby and this is what she would do. She was making a crying sound. She'd take the foo-foo out of her mouth and start laughing then go back into character! My friend, Susie, told me some while back that Malaena would be an actress and she may be right! What makes this funny is even as a baby, I had pacifiers everywhere and she would never take one!
Sassy has poked a whole in the top of our foot stool, and that is how she pulls herself up on it! We will replace it as she grows, or once she has all the stuffing pulled out!
Malae-Sloan still has the foo-foo in her mouth!
Our happy, happy girl!
I loved this outfit on our girl! She kept patting her horse on her overall bib today!
Malaena-Sloan is carrying her purse with her bracelet on her arm!


Terri said...

That is the cutest outfit!!! Love it!

Lori said...

That is probably one of my favorite outfits she has worn. (And there have been some great ones!)That is just way too cute!!

Christfollower13 said...

love the leg warmers. Under the weather, but wanted you to know I luv ya and the updates. Sus

Pineapple Princess said...

Oh, she is so precious in that outfit! I laughed when you said that she pet the horse on the bib of the overalls. She is too stinkin' cute!
I love the cute outfits you dress her in!

Have a wonderful Easter with your beautiful family!

Greta Jo said...

Yay, my kind of girl!