Sunday, March 15, 2009

Busted with 500 Q-Tips.....

OH! She's caught in action!
Can't you see the fear in her eyes when she'd been caught?!!!!
Malaena-Sloan threw the Q-Tips up over and over!
They were already out of the box, so we had a little learning experience!
You can see she's fascinated with the stinkin' things!
Just a shot of the HAPPY HANDS!!!!
I know you can't see the Q-Tips but I just loved the expression on Malae's face! This must be her "intuitive" look!!!!
Here's the Culprit caught in action. This is the exact location of where the Q-tip box used to be. If you didn't already know this, once 500 Q-Tips come out of the box, they don't go back in!!!!

I had bought a new box of Q-Tips within the last week or so. I get one out daily for me and one for Malae. Never did I dream she was watching me until Donnie found her last night. He yelled for me to come see, and she started trying to cram them back in the box. It was so funny. Then she started grabbing them by the handful and cleaning her ears. We let her have fun with them, then we got a gallon bag and started having clean-up time.

This child of ours is totally INQUISITIVE!!! We've already started shutting the door to the toilet because Malaena-Sloan likes to get toilet paper to pretend whiping herself. Today, we've shut all main doors to any part of the bathrooms! She can also destruct the kitchen cabinets in the blink of eye. She finds things I didn't even know I had!

BIG NEWS IN OUR HOUSE.....Malaena-Sloan slept her first whole night in her crib!!! Two first here....First WHOLE NIGHT and First WHOLE NIGHT IN CRIB!!!! Needless to say, I still got up several times to check on her. My nights have been reprogrammed for nearly 11 months, but I could quickly get back into the swing of things!

I have been under-the-weather, and to top it off, I got a facial-gone-wrong on Thursday. I truly look like a battered wife! Tomorrow, I will start my new part-time job, so I will attempt to cover my scabbed forehead!!!! Only ME!


The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

Too cute! How exciting Qtips can be. Luca is the same...into everything and watches everything we are doing. He can now reach the light switches and loves turning all the lights on. Toilet paper is used for blowing his nose and then putting it in the toilet and flushing.

She is so adorable. I love her smile and expressions.

SO MUCH FUN!!!! Keeps us young

Vanessa said...

Those photos made me chuckle because Arianna and Olivia got a hold to the q-tips here too!! The box had never been opened and they had them EVERYWHERE!! The photos, like yours are priceless!!!
Can't wait to see you guys in August so I can squeeze that sweet baby girl!!

Ferrick said...

First, are so my Nate. She is going to be an actress, you know that right? Second, what are you doing speaking those negative words? :) Get back on the band wagon girl....just keeping you in line. :) Luv u more than you know, Sus

Mari's Journey Home said...

I am guessing that since you haven't checked my blog in a while that you don't know that we had a baby in Nov.
We are very blessed and our baby girl is a miracle. We are hanging in limbo, waiting and praying that Guat. gets their act together before our paperwork and everything expires!!

Pineapple Princess said...

Did Malae have a blast or what! You are a patient mama for letting her explore!
This post reminds me of the time that Bella got into my jumbo Costco sized box of Tampons- 'nuf said!