Thursday, February 19, 2009

Enjoying Life....

I think this may be the second picture I have of Malaena-Sloan with her face stretched. She seldom cries over anything! When she does she's like any girl....turn the tears on, turn the tears off!!!
We've had a couple of spring-like days (thank you Lord), and Malaena-Sloan sported her capris. I loved this picture because she stands on her toes all the time to reach things. So sweet!
Daddy and Mama going on a Valentine's Date. Aunt Penny and Macyn watched Malaena-Sloan the whole 2 1/2 hours we were gone!
This can be my helping hand, but let me tell you, this little hand can find things we didn't know we had, can misplace things we thought we had found, and can simply make our house look like a tornado has hit!

Malaena-Sloan was really doing something that she isn't supposed to do but I LOVED the train-of-thought you can see on her face!
You would know this girl would have to sport a CHERRY outfit on occasion!!!
Our happy girl in action. She can tear three rooms up in 2.3 seconds!!!!
I say this daily, and I'm saying it again...IT JUST DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS!!!

One year ago yesterday, I went down to Guatemala on my 2nd visit trip. It seems like a dream! I tell people that I totally forget Malaena-Sloan is adopted because she is SO MUCH LIKE ME! Tonight, we were eating dinner and yes, it was from McAlister's Deli again. I was eating a fiesta salad and picked the onions off. Malae was eating the onions! She ate all the broccoli I put in front of her then she wanted on my lap to eat the salad. I have a pet peeve of people eating out of my plate, but I throw that out the window for Sassy! Donnie can't believe that I give her a fork and let her tear it up!

Two years ago today, Brock's Dad (my ex-husband and friend since I was 9 years old) passed away. He was only 4 days older than me...38 when he left this earth. From his death, it really inspired us to adopt. Donnie used to think he was too old to be a father again, but in losing Steve, we were shown if God lays something on your heart, you should listen. There are no guarantees, so we must TRUST and LIVE EACH DAY BIG! I so wish Steve were on this earth to see what a fine, young man Brock is! He'd be so proud!


Lou said...

She's just adorable, Cheri! Cuter every day!

Vanessa said...

Can this baby girl get any cuter?? I'm counting down the days I get to hug her tight at MOGUATE!! You're still going right??

Pineapple Princess said...

I always love pictures of the two of you! You both are so beautiful!


Chantelle Becking said...

Looks like a picture of two of my favorite little hams! Momma and baby have the same smile...Who would have guessed it? Love all of the new mae mae pics and the new layout...You are a trend setter!
I want to get Bianca in the gymnastics class too so let me know what is up!

Lori said...

So cute!