Friday, January 2, 2009

The Beginning of a New Year....

HAPPY NEW YEAR...2009...WOW! I can't believe we have the start of a new year. Where did the last one go...or should I say the last 10 years go?! We are truly enjoying Malaena-Sloan. I can't remember what we did for entertainment before our daughter came to EAT, sing, dance, play, destruct, destroy, etc. She had her 15-month doctor check-up Monday. GREAT REPORT! She grew an inch in 3 months and didn't gain a pound! I AM SHOCKED! This girl eats from sun up to sun down! I am NOT KIDDING! I ask Donnie all the time, "Where is she putting it?!" Today, Malaena-Sloan ate more than me. I know she has hit a growth spurt...AMAZING TO WATCH!

New Year's Eve was fun! We ate Italian with Nikki. Malae loved stuffed mushrooms! We then went and spent a couple of hours with our friends. On New Year's Day, Chantelle and I went to see the movie, "Twilight." We both read the book, and had anticipated sharing the movie together. I was a bit disappointed, as it didn't live up to my imagination. I finished the second book the day after Christmas, and am now reading the third book...yes, me, the person that never sits down is captivated by Edward, the vampire! Who'd have thought?!

Malaena-Sloan is down to one bottle a day right at bedtime. She is now having it and takes between 12-16 oz. a day....again, where does she put it!?!

I had to share my FAVORITE Christmas picture! Malaena-Sloan wasn't that interested in opening the gifts. There were 2 wrapped ones and this was the only one she unwrapped. I LOVE OUR EXPRESSIONS! She found the GOLDFISH CRACKERS Santa left in her stocking and she decided to eat instead of unwrap!
Nikki and I have been buds for 4 years and this is our first picture together!
Our New Year's Eve!
My 2 babies preparing for their trick!
I didn't mean to get an action shot of Brock but I cracked up as he is totally enjoying himself TOO!
This is Malae's down position in the trick. She grins from ear to ear the whole time!
This is one happy girl after Brock does his trick with Malaena!
Malae is packing one of her favorite toys...the kleenex box holder. She packs this heavy things around everyday throughout our bedroom closet and bathroom. Busy girl!


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