Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fun at Grammy and Papa's....

Grammy gives Malaena-Sloan a whole bowl of cherrios and let's her dump them. It makes snacktime quite fun, and it blows my mind Mom allows it!
When you can't get it to your mouth fast enough with your hands, and your this limber, you have options!
Snack time in a not-so-lady-like fashion!

I love having snacks at Grammy's!
Cupcakes have never been so SWEET!!!
I didn't get into your chocolate chip cookie, Daddy!

Update on Malaena-Sloan....
Our daughter is more independent daily. I swear she turned 2 on September 26 as we are now experiencing ATTITUDE. And, yes, we have started experiencing fits and tantrums. She is doing at 1 what Brock started at 1 1/2. I am so proud that she has found her voice and her own opinion, but remind her that Mama and Daddy are in charge!

Malae is taking steps but again, she will not allow us to help her so when she walks it will be on her own accord. She is saying many words, and because we have checked her mouth repeatedly cause she puts stuff it in all the time, when we ask what is in her mouth, she opens it huge to show us. This does make life easier. Malaena-Sloan cut two teeth last week. Not her center top two, but the ones next to that. She will be the only 1 year old singing, "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth!"

There is so many new things to report, but she is helping me and getting mad. Love to all!


Stacy said...

Looks like Grammy & Papa's is a FUN place! Isn't it funny how grandmas let their grandbabies do all the things they never let their own babies do. My mom lets Isabella do the same thing. Go figure!
Have a blast,

Vanessa said...

I always say I don't know what happened to mymom when the kids go over!! The things she lets them do would have bought us a butt whipping for sure!! Grandmas..shhesshh!!

Lori said... sweet! I guess Grammy can't resist that little cupcake either!

Will and Aileen said...

Found your blog from a post on another blog. Your daughter has the same birthday as our daughter who died in Guatemala last January. Your daughter is beautiful and I loved seeing her pictures because it gives me an idea of what our sweet Ariana would have been like now. After our loss, we weren't able to adopt from Guatemala, but were blessed with a Texas-born Guatemala cutie through domestic adoption. Feel free to stop by our daughter's blog and/or our son's blog if you have time!