Friday, October 31, 2008

A Butterfly's Day....

Our first stop today was our office to visit Aunt Penny.
OH, I can tell Mama will be dragging me everywhere today to show me off!
So, Mama was going to be a HIP WITCH but the hat was going to drive me crazy all day. I sported a bat boa,and spider gloves.
Our happy girl!
I was trying to get a picture of her from behind climbing up our stairs, and she made it all the way up before I got a picture of her.
Our little butterfly outside enjoying the beautiful weather!
Donnie and I went to a Halloween party last night as Guatemalan parents! We LOVE to dress up!
Brock dressed up as a "Super Trooper" a couple of weeks ago.

WELL, big news....THE GIRL IS WALKING EVERYWHERE! I guess it's being a butterfly, she is light on her feet! We had a big night and are going to visit a few more this evening. I dressed her this morning in her costume so she could be shown off all day. Boy, did she perform!

We saw Aunt Penny, Aunt Chantelle and Bianca, the whole entire staff and customers at McAlister's, Aunt Sissy at UPS, Aunt Nikki at Style Stop, Aunt Vicki and her 2 dogs, the neighbors...just to name a few. She totally kept her antennas on all day without being coaxed. Aunt Sissy got her action shots of her walking. My mom said once she walked, she take off, and she definitely has.

I must run catch our little bug!


Courtney said...

Congrats on her walking !!!!! Yippie, what a beautiful butterfly. Stella has the same pediped patent shoes. Love them. She is so sweet. Happy Halloween. Courtney

Vanessa said...

You go girl~~I'm glad you're up and running!!

ALL of your costumes looked great!!