Sunday, July 6, 2008

Over the Weekend....

Beginning the post with OUR LAUREN GRACE! Having Lauren as my niece made me want a daughter! Now that Malaena-Sloan is home, she doesn't get as much attention, but she will always be MY FIRST GIRL!

Our little girl that is ON-THE-MOVE! I'm so proud as a clip will stay in the front of her hair!
Daddy and Malaena-Sloan on the 4th of July! Our "LITTLE SPARKLER!"
Owen is just not sure about Malaena-Sloan!
This was hilarious! Trying to get one picture with all three not in motion was quite the challenge. I'm just learning to embrace their "motion" and capture the moment of ACTION!
Our kiddos!
Grammy with her hands full!
Malae getting to know her cousin BETTER!
More of Malaena-Sloan and Owen

We had friends over on the 4th and shame on me for note taking pictures. Yesterday was the Fortner Family Reunion (my side). We had a fabulous time and it was great going back to my parents' house and hanging out. It's fun having 2 babies...a first for us. We said Owen and Malae will be double-trouble. At this point, though Owen is 3 months younger, he is lots bigger than the girl. Malae doesn't let that intimidate her as she is the active one. She doesn't quit moving even in her sleep. Owen just say and watched.

We shared the evening with Donnie's family. Malaena-Sloan was a hit at both functions and a social bug. She finally settled down at midnight, slept 'til 6am for her bottle, then back down 'til 8. She's setting on my lap helping me blog, so I will close now.


Ferrick said...

Malae...look at you with all your hair! Glad you had a great weekend Cheri, cant wait to see you all. Were looking forward to hanging out at the cottage with Ya'll. Luv you Sis, Susie

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

I love the black and white photo of the two kids. There are so many captions that could go with that.

Courtney said...

Your daughter is beautiful.......I just found your blog from Susie's. Congrats on bringing your daughter home. She is so cute. Courtney