Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Just Some New Pictures!

It's almost comical that we take pictures of each other sleeping with Malaena-Sloan. I would say one of the main reasons is will celebrate the victory of a nap! She is doing much better at napping, but I'm telling you that she is one active child afraid she will miss something. This picture shows that she is sound asleep as she NEVER keeps covers on her. At night, it's comical as we will cover her up to watch her uncover herself in her sleep!
This is a glimpse of the new hair....it's good. I can still wear a ponytail, plus go several days without fixing it. Also, it's growing as I type!
I fell in love with Malae's feet the minute I saw them! I have very small feet for my height as I'm 5'6" and I wear a size 6 shoe. Brock always compared his feet to mine from a very young age, and it was always a game to see if he had out-grown them. Brock has far surpassed my foot size, and it will be interesting to see if Malaena will. She has tiny feet as she still wears a size one.
Yep....You guessed it! Malaena-Sloan has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. When he tells her, "No, no," she LAUGHS! I know who will have to be the disciplinarian!


Ferrick said...

Love the thighs and your hair cut! :) Susie

Brenda & Steve Butler said...

I love the hair cut! I hope you are feeling better and geting some rest. Miss you! Love Bren

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

Love the toe nails! Go Cardinals!