Sunday, June 22, 2008

In My Arms 2 Months! What's NEW....

I didn't know Donnie took this, and I loved it! I dreamed of these moments for so many months. It may be wrong, but I'm on her schedule. I sleep when she sleeps at night and sometimes catch a nap! We were so proud as she slept all night without getting up until 7:22am. Then, Donnie and I remembered, she didn't go to sleep until 11:30pm so not sure if that counts as "all night" or not. It was delightful for me as it was in her OWN bed!
Brock volunteers to try and get Malae asleep....wonder why?!
When Brock was little, we stuck anything and everything from underwear to do-rags on his head then took pictures. Now, Brock is doing it to Malaena-Sloan! This is her swim diaper, and it truly fits her head better than her rear.

On April 21, Malaena-Sloan was put in my arms. Donnie will vouch for me, she hasn't been out of my arms much. She's Mama's girl! Malae is ON-THE-MOVE! Penny was up yesterday and said she didn't remember her daughter being this active. Today, Malaena-Sloan and I were home together, and she'll go down for a nap but I call it a cat-nap. Man, she'll pop her head up and just grin and I feel like I didn't get nearly as much accomplished as I had planned. Oh, well, she's growing so fast, that stuff will wait.

Three official things in Malaena-Sloan's life.....
1)Her first tooth broke the gum. It's on the left side of the front bottom two. She's cutting the other one and 2 bottom molars. She's her happy self but she is just uncomfortable from time-to-time.
2)Malaena-Sloan is definitely crawling. I use the word loosely as it's her own form. She's mobile but it's kind of like a snail and either in a spinning motion or backwards. It's funny and she's so proud!
3)She's waving when she desires. She always waves at Brock when he does it, and everyone else is when she wants it. We are working on high-five now.

For all the families still waiting to bring their child home from Guatemala, my heart is sad. I will tell you that Malaena-Sloan is a full-time gig. I took her to get her first JC Penney's Studio pictures yesterday alone....won't be doing that again. Some things are just a two-man-show! I am lovin' every minute of it. Today, Nikki and I were out at the pool all afternoon. I took the Jumparoo down, and Malae was either held or jumping and happy as a clam. As long as she's getting attention and getting to be social, she's GREAT!

One last thing....she wollers me when she's fighting her sleep. Literally, I mean my back and chest hurt as she sqirms NON-STOP in my arms. Well, she was not wanting to go to sleep so I turned the TV from music to Blue's Clues. I swear, it was only on 5 minutes and she was O-U-T! I will use that method of entertainment during those desperate times. In the preschool, we call it "transition time!"

This past week, Malae went to Marion, Illinois; every furniture store in Cape, the mall a couple of times, Lowe's several times, a carpet store; Columbia, Illinois to visit a friend in the nursing home, Macaroni Grill, out to lunch 4 out of 5 days, and I'm sure many other things. What you are hearing me say is this child is a "Go Girl!" She's perfectly content as long as she's doing what her Daddy and Mama are doing! God's plan is amazing as our baby girl is already condusive to our on-the-go lifestyle! It's awesome!


Vanessa said...

I'm so glad you guys are doing so well!! I can't wait to see Malae again as she was sleeping the last time:)
I'm tagging you too so go check out my blog for the details!! I can't wait to see your responses!!

Kelly said...

Everything seems to be right!!!And its wonderful to see! She is such a cutie and I love the Swim diaper on the head...she can totally pull that look off!!!LOL

Ferrick said...

Not sure who's cuter, Mama or Malae? Nice hat Malae....your so fun Cheri. Susie

The M. Herndon Family said...

I definitely think 8 hours is considered "all night"--at least in my opinion! Miranda doesn't have any teeth yet...maybe soon like Malaena Sloan!!

Penny said...

She just keeps getting more and more beautiful!! And I especially love the pic of Brock and Malae! I want a copy of that, Please! Cant wait to see her (and you all too of course!) Miss yall!!