Monday, April 21, 2008


This is the first picture of the two of us together today!!! One happy Mama!!!

My life is changed forever!!! The wait is over...Malaena-Sloan has been put in my care, and it will be a LLLOOONNNGGG time before I let her out of my sight! It was so incredible today when she was handed to me. SHE IS THRIVING!!! I saw her 8 weeks ago, and I didn't think she could get any prettier or sweeter. She defied all odds and did it!!! She has the sweetest personality, and is a "SHOW-OFF!!!" She will perform on cue and her new trick is shaking her head as in NO! It's precious and she's incredible. I have been just thanking God for this miracle and for bringing our daughter to us!!! Just a few pics for now! Malaena-Sloan does have some major wheezing going on and is on an antibiotic. Please keep her in your prayers that this transition will help her healing!!!


Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

God is so good....she is beautiful!! I love the title of your post....that is what I feel too when I am with Eliana.

Blessings friend,

anns said...

She is precious!! I hope she's feeling better soon!


Ferrick said...

How GREAT is our God! Luv ya girl, Susie

Shannon said...

Oh, I'm just in tears seeing these pics. There's just something about KNOWING she is with you FOREVER now. No giving her back!!

Thanks for sharing the pics!!! Keep'em coming!

Kelly said...

She is simply breathtaking! Congratulations!I will pray she feels better soon!

Vanessa said...

CONGRATS CHERI AND DONNIE!! I'm so excited that you made it safe and sound and your little angel is in your arms forever!! Love the bow:) Can't wait to see you guys in PINK!
Aunt Nessa

Kara Amos said...

Cheri she is so SWEET and we can't wait until your home with her. Cherish this time with you and your daughter it is the GREATEST.

Love ya,
Rodney, Kara, Bailey, and Tyler