Thursday, December 6, 2007


So many emotions!!! This level of emotions has only been felt once for me....the night before delivering Brock. Yes, we've seen pictures, but "ain't nothin' like the REAL THING, BABY!" For my friends that I am carrying gifts over to their families, it was a hoot checking my luckage. I had one back that weighed 53 1/2 pounds. The charge would have been $50.00. SSSOOO, some creative moving went into play and my husband has one shoe in one bag and another shoe in another bag. I had to also move one of the ziplock packages I'm delivering...that totalled 3 1/2 pounds! The man helping us in chuckled! We have the camcorder, 2 digital cameras and the I will get at least one new picture posted for everyone to see!

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