Saturday, December 29, 2007

After-Christmas Update...

This is basically how I've been all week....a BIG yawn and a BIG sigh. I'm not wishing my life away, as we had an awesome Christmas just hanging out with our three sons. I am just ready for the Guatemalan government to have all their holidays out of the way, so they are back to work getting our baby girl home!!! On the adoption end, we know that our Guatemalan attorney picked up our Pre-Approved VISA which is issued by our U.S. Government. I don't expect another update until after New Year's Day. Our famly has really been taking it easy. We've hung out, watched movies, and gone to the Annual High School Basketball Tournament. My nephew, Drew, came up yesterday and went to the games with Uncle Donnie and Logan. I work our concession stand. We have games tonight, then tomorrow, we will got to church and get the Christmas decorations taken down. Our new McAlister's Deli will open Monday in Shiloh, IL. We will go there Monday to help out as needed. We plan to invite some friends over to our cabin to ring in the NEW YEAR! We are ready to start planning a PICK-UP trip to bring our girl home from Guatemala! Please keep our adoption in your prayers that our case will move quickly through PGN!

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