Monday, November 12, 2007


We are at a busy time of life....people planning for Thanksgiving, others doing Christmas shopping, etc. We can't help but be focused on a little girl thousands of miles away from us. Yes, we try to go about our life with some normalcy, but we talk about what it will be like to finally hold our baby girl for the first time. I went to Target today and bought a few things that are recommended to take on our visit trip. It has been fifteen years since I bought a package of diapers. When Brock was little, I only remember two choices. Not now...there's a WHOLE isle. I asked another mother who was picking some up what she suggested. She gave me the low-down on which were her favorites and why. The little gadget that you divide the powder out for bottles is great and I love the fact that you can get everything in PINK!!! A color that is not-so-popular in our current household! Keep sending your prayers up that we can get our baby girl home SOON! Tomorrow would be great but March is much more realistic!

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