Monday, October 8, 2007


FRIDAY....OCTOBER 12, 2007...A week has passed since our referral and the realization sets in more daily that this beautiful little girl is a week closer to coming home! Our attorney's office picked up the final paperwork yesterday, 10/11/07, at 2:38p.m. We had to send the request and payment to LabCorp yesterday to request Malaena and her biological mother's DNA test. This is a part that keeps the adoptions in Guatemala on the up-and-up. At the Harris's household, we have been preparing a little more daily for baby-fying our household. Donnie surprised me with an awesome stroller and a cherry car seat! He also got me a mini-crib that goes beside our bed and matches our bedroom suit. (Remember, this man said he wasn't going to "spoil" our little girl!) One of my girlfriends sold me about 20 Gymboree outfits her little girl had worn like once with matching socks, hair bows and receiving blankets. We got to send Malaena's foster mother her first package. It can only be a gallon ziplock baggie. Boy, you can stuff them but not nearly as much as I had wanted. I sent sleepers, a bib and 2 disposable cameras. The foster mom will take milestone pictures, so we can document the things in her baby book! It's a bit of reality...the foster mom probably doesn't have a washing machine. Chances are she washes everything on a washboard. I think ALL of us take the washing machine for granted, as well as many other things! Going through an adoption sure makes you thank God for the little things in LIFE!

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Very impressive - it came out great! Congratulations, she is beautiful. We will pray the paperwork goes through smoothely.